Parasites Create an Environment Ripe for Disease

It is currently suspected by many alternative medicinal practitioners and Homeopaths that about 90% of Americans are the hosts for some type of internal parasite. Most of these people don’t even know they have them and are suffering from misdiagnosis. Many of these people live with the more serious effects of long term infestation that have manifested in more serious illnesses such as liver diseases, asthma and other respiratory ailments, arthritis, heart disease, fibromyalgia, sinusitis, digestive disorders, and colon blockage just to name a few.

HOW DO PARASITES AFFECT OUR BODIES? Once they have taken hold in the body, the parasites begin to produce thousands and sometimes millions of eggs. These eggs travel through the digestive tract and then through the bloodstream to various organs in the body where they hatch and make their homes. They find nice little hideouts like the sinuses, the colon, gallbladder etc. where they have less chance of detection. Some feed on our blood, others feed on sugar, white flour, medications, food additives and the like. Then they excrete acids into the body and the bloodstream that are toxic. This toxic environment creates acidity. With the ongoing acids being excreted into our bodies they eventually knock our alkaline/acid balance out of whack. Disease thrives in an acidic environment. And the cycle continues producing symptoms of fatigue, bloating, blurred vision, “foggy brain” and aches and pains eventually resulting in serious illnesses.

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WHY AREN’T THEY DETECTED? Due to the fact that we live in a modern, clean and sanitary country many doctors dismiss the possibility of parasites being a serious cause of disease. Parasites are considered to be a problem only in Third-World countries. Our Doctors are not trained to detect them, nor are there efficient tests to detect them. There are about 1,000 species of parasites that can live in the human body and modern medicine has tests to detect only about 5% of these. The accuracy rates of these tests that are available are only about 20%. Lack of education on behalf of the public has resulted in Parasites being considered a taboo in America. We don’t typically address them in a healthy open manner. Most people don’t even know they have them. Sadly some people live with compromised health as a result of parasites their entire lives.

HOW DO WE GET THEM? Parasites can be picked up on fruits, vegetables, meats, our water, our air, and from pets and farm animals. If you have indoor pets, you probably have parasites and would be wise to do parasite cleanses every six months. Many species are microscopic and undetectable to the human eye.

For many thousands of years people used herbs, castor oil, and teas brewed from tree bark to de-worm themselves. It was commonly understood as a health issue and was treated as a natural part of life.

 HOW DO WE GET RID OF THEM? There are a variety of remedies available for treatment of these little buggers.; so depending out your situation, the recommended supplements will vary. We offer many safe & effective homeopathic approaches to keeping the body free of these unwanted little guests.

By Kathleen Ball
Owner of Adonai Light Works
Now available at The Reference Point

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