The Importance of Mud Packs in Your Journey to Outrageous Health

The world of healing is a broad one, and many people want to know what is the most important thing they can do to improve their health radically. Although there is no single answer – it changes depending on your particular symptoms; a rotting tooth can kill you, blocked kidneys or bowel and you can’t detoxify, etc.. My general advice would be correcting interference fields. Interference fields are the effect of injuries to the plasma field or biofield surrounding the body. The biofield is where the communication of the body takes place, and when you get injured (cut, punctured, badly bruised, break a bone, burn yourself, have concentrated toxicity in an area, or receive a tattoo) an interference field is created. When the biofield is injured it collapses and you become depolarized in that area. A depolarized biofield is akin to a stagnate pond of water and pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and prions) love stagnate pools and breed like crazy.

If a stagnate injury site breeding infection isn’t unfortunate enough, this depolarized area reflexes (travels) up or down the meridian it resides on, and sedates another area or organ in the body. A common example of this is somebody with thyroid problems that has a chin injury, the chin injury or interference field is reflexing down the meridian sedating the thyroid. The result is thyroid imbalance causing symptoms that require medication (in traditional medicine). The reason injuries are called interference fields is because they interfere with communication in the body.

This interference field can be demonstrated with QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis – the creation of Dr. Robert Marshall), and after testing with QRA to identify your interference fields and mud formulation that corrects them, a mud pack is able to restore your biofield and restore proper communication. Once the biofield around the injury is restored, the body then functions normally and corrects itself.

Instead of taking medication or using nutritional support remedies to “manage” the symptoms of thyroid imbalance, imagine relieving the interference so the body can solve its own problems. Dr. Marshall’s words are “you need a wheel barrow full of supplements to manage a symptom before you repair the interference field and a thimble full after”.

We have a full service mud spa to handle your mud pack needs or you can do the mud packing in the privacy of your own home. Contact us when you’re ready to take your health into your own hands!


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